Navigators Global's elite team of federal lobbyists, political consultants and communications experts have built their careers advising Fortune 500 companies, elected officials, and trade associations and coalitions.

Below you will find a sampling of case studies showcasing Navigators Global's strategic communications and government relations practices:

AgustaWestland North America
AgustaWestland North America (AWNA), the United States subsidiary of the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer, Finnemeccanica, hired Navigators Global to serve as the company’s lead lobbyist on two highly watched and politically challenging Air Force procurements, The VH-71 Presidential helicopter replacement and the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR-X) helicopter program.

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Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA)
The Art Dealers Association of America hired Navigators Global to lobby against a provision in the Senate farm bill that would have excluded works of art and collectibles from property qualifying for tax-deferred status under §1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Read more >

Association for Advanced Life Underwriting
The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting hired Navigators Global to conduct an extensive public opinion research project and utilize the findings of the research to develop a new message strategy to fight back against the criticisms being levied against company owned life insurance. Read more >

Caruso Affiliated – The Shops at Santa Anita
Navigators Global was hired by Caruso Affiliated to manage a community outreach campaign in support of “The Shops at Santa Anita.” Read more >

Coalition of California Growers
In 2007, legislation was introduced into the California State Senate that would have replaced the secret ballot with a card check system in union organizing drives on California farms. A group of California growers hired Navigators Global to run a strategic earned media campaign to supplement the internal lobbying component aimed at killing the bill. Read more >

Coalition to Protect Competitive Markets
The financial services industry, hedge funds in particular, were being blamed for driving up the prices of oil and gas through speculative investment in the commodity markets. Legislation in Congress that would have restricted investors ability to participate in commodity trading was on the verge of passing. The nation's leading financial services players needed a high-profile advocacy campaign to set the record straight about why gas prices were rising. Read more >

Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)
The Computer & Communications Industry Association hired Navigators Global to manage a campaign targeted at key California lawmakers to kill a ReadyReturn bill that would have allowed qualified taxpayers to have the state file their returns for free. Read more >

Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers
The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers hired Navigators Global to prevent a wedge from being driven between the industry and its customer base after then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer launched an investigation into the bidding process used by the nation's largest insurance brokerages. Read more >

In 2008, Culligan turned to Navigators Global to defeat legislation in the California Legislature that would have imposed draconian regulations on its industry, while stripping away fundamental property rights from Californians. AB 2270 would have unfairly banned water softeners and allowed the government to intrude into private residences to remove existing appliances. Read more >

Education Reform Experience
The Florida Department of Education hired Navigators Global to help the department handle the real and potential political and public opinion challenges surrounding the roll out and implementation of some of Governor Jeb Bush’s key education reforms. Read more >

Emergent BioSolutions
Emergent BioSolutions hired Navigators Global to help build relationships within the Department of Health and Human Services and find champions on Capitol Hill to maximize the marketing of the only FDA-approved vaccine for the deadly Anthrax virus. Read more >

General Motors
General Motors hired Navigators Global to develop a communications strategy to respond to a series of legislative threats in state Capitols around the nation. Read more >

Home Depot - Measure B
Home Depot hired Navigators Global in 2008 to run a campaign against an anti-development ballot initiative in Thousand Oaks, California. Read more >

Lytton Rancheria
Over a period of several years, there were numerous attempts by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to legislatively remove the rights of the Lytton Rancheria of California and the Graton Rancheria to conduct gaming operations on newly acquired lands.
The Lytton tribe turned to Navigators Global for government relations support to defend their gaming rights.
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Pfizer, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc. hired Navigators Global to coordinate a California “CEO as Candidate” tour to introduce new Pfizer programs to large California-based corporations. Read more >

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
In 2003, America's pharmaceutical companies were under fire from politicians on both sides of the aisle over rising drug prices. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America turned to Navigators Global for an integrated communications campaign to defeat legislative efforts to allow for the reimportation of Canadian drugs and to make it easier for generic drug makers to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of research-based pharmaceutical companies. Read more >

Travel Industry Association
The Travel Industry Association turned to Navigators Global for a high-profile advertising and public relations campaign to increase awareness among policy makers of the economic importance of strengthening the nation's travel system. Read more >

Tyco International, Inc. Appropriations Ban
Tyco International, Inc. hired Navigators Global to enhance their congressional relationships and explain to federal officials how the corporation has evolved into a model of corporate governance since they continually find themselves the target of legislation that causes more economic harm than good. Read more >

Yuba Highlands Development
Navigators Global was hired to manage a creative advertising campaign in support of a large residential development in Northern California. Read more >